5 reasons to swap your wheelbarrow for a Paddock Blade

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02 July, 2020 By Jake

The humble wheelbarrow is a staple on any horse property. But when it comes to paddock cleaning and removing horse manure from your pasture, what if your wheelbarrow is just wasting your time and wearing you out?

It turns out there’s a far faster, easier and less tiring way to clean your paddocks – a tow behind manure collector called the Paddock Blade.

Like the wheelbarrow, this is pretty simple to use. But instead of requiring hours of physical labour to collect manure, you only need to drive a few laps around the paddock with your car or ATV to get the job done.

Here are five reasons a Paddock Blade beats a wheelbarrow when it comes to cleaning horse manure from your pasture.

Reason 1: Save hours (and hours, and hours)

We’ll put it simply: a Paddock Blade cleans paddocks in a quarter of the time your wheelbarrow does. So if it currently takes you 4 hours a week to clean your pasture with a wheelbarrow, you can whiz around with your Paddock Blade and get the same thing done in an hour. Over the course of year, that’s a lot of saved hours.

Reason 2: Save your back

reasons to swap your wheelbarrow for a paddock bladeAll hardworking horse owners have over filled a wheelbarrow at some point in their lives. There’s the strain on the legs as you try and push it up a slope. Or the wrench to your back as it wobbles off to the side and you keep it from tipping over. So it’s unsurprising that wheelbarrows have caused many a back injury.

The smart thing would be to fill it less and take more trips. But try telling that to someone who only has a couple of hours to ride two horses and clean the paddocks before dark!

One of the best reasons to swap your wheelbarrow for a paddock blade is there’s no need to push around over-filled wheelbarrows. You can keep to the comfort of your car or ATV and save your back for riding.

Reason 3: Keep your pasture clean and healthy

horse eating grass in paddock

Lots of people know it’s important to keep your pasture clean. But far fewer people actually have time to clean it as regularly as they should.
As a result, the paddocks get messy, the grass sours, and the parasites get to stay and continue their breeding cycle.

However, it’s much easier to keep up with cleaning your pastures when you have a Paddock Blade to speed up the process. Healthier pastures and more time to spend with your horses – it’s a win-win!

Reason 4: Preserve your wheelbarrow

Whether or not you have a tow behind manure collector, a wheelbarrow is still something horse owners can’t do without. So rather than wear it out trudging up and down the paddocks and filling it with horse manure, why not keep it in good condition for everything else you use it for?

Reason 5: Most importantly…give yourself more time to ride

woman riding horse

Would you describe yourself as a horse rider? Or a permanently exhausted horse owner who gets attempts the odd ride between feeding and picking up after your steeds?

One of the most enjoyable reasons to swap your wheelbarrow for a paddock blade is more free time!

If cleaning paddocks keeps you busy, the time a Paddock Blade saves you will easily let you fit in a couple more rides each week.

Imagine how quickly you and your horse would improve then?

So there you have it. Replace your trusty old wheelbarrow with the original and best tow behind manure collector: the Paddock Blade.

It will save you time, save your paddocks, save your back, and even save you regularly buying a new wheelbarrow!

They also collect rocks and handle rough, uneven ground, so you can trust them to do the job properly.

Paddock Blades can be purchased in Melbourne or shipped Australia-wide. See https://paddockblade.com.au/shop/paddock-blade/

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